Different item bonuses for PvP and PvE

Aria is as much as a PvE game as it is a PvP game.

The current itemization of the game is more like a pve game, where items have quite a lot of impact on the performance of a character. The difference between a well equipped char and a badly equipped one is right now quite significant, and this is a good thing for PvE content. PvE content always runs on a concept of equip progression. The equip has to matter.

The problem is that PvP in a full loot game should not be so gear dependent.
Just to make an example of this, look at the effects of the defense chance bonuses and the hit chance bonuses. A player can get up to 25% bonus hit and 25% bonus defense. These bonuses are not multipliers, but flat additions and subtractions to regular hit chances (tested). 2 players facing each other with equal skills and no gear difference, have a 50% chance to hit each other. In the worst case were one is equipped with full bonuses and the other one is equipped without those bonuses, one player will hit 75% of times and be hit 25% of times. This means that between the equipped player and the non-equipped player these is a 3:1 difference in hits simply because of the equip. This is too much, and is only the effect of a single bonus, we still have to consider damage bonus differences, HP differences, attack speed differences and so on. In the end, the difference in equip can be overwhelming. This is the worst case were one player is full equipped and the other one is almost naked, but even if you take in consideration top equip to average equip, you will quickly see that the gap is still something atrocious.
If in the previous example we give +15% hit and +15% def chance to the naked player, it is still 40% chance to hit and 60% chance to be hit. Still a 1.5:1 ratio, a net +50% advantage for the equipped player, and still from only a single one of the item bonuses.

This was for the warrior classes, but i think that we all know the difference between a mage with no spellpower bonuses and one with a full spellpower equip. Long story short, it is HUGE.

The best solution would be to have different bonuses on items for PvE and PvP, but this is unfeasible. It makes tooltips really complex and adds a lot of item redesign work.

I suggest something much simpler.

Halve the effects of the worst offending bonuses when targeting an enemy player, namely:

- Hit bonuses
- Defense bonuses
- Spellpower bonuses


- Reduce all the HP boost effects. This is for both PvP and PvE. Those things have gotten really out of hand after the removal of constitution, with Molten Jewels giving +100HP each!

This means that in the previous example of someone with full bonuses and one with +15% bonuses, the hit chance becomes 55% and the def chance 45%. The net advantage is 22% for the equipped player, which is a nice bonus and which pushes him into getting into the fight with a good equip, but not enough to decide the fight on its own.
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