Money sink suggestions. Part.2

Money sink suggestions. Part.2

To help the economy and still be a fun part of the game I will here precent 2new skills that I think will greatly enhance gaming experience and help the economy.

I will explain my idea in breafly to avoid a wall of text.

New skills

Crafting skill Enchanting.
Gathering skill Magic Find.


Ability to enchant items widh different bonuses using reagents and different magical essence.

And widh a success chance based on the strength of the enchant (and your skill offcouse)

Widh high lvls and really good/expensive stuff there is still a chance to fail.

On some occasions you magicly overload an item and it gets MagicOverload.
(MagicOverload is explained in part.1)
(Widh the magic overload it sometimes becomes blessed)

* Remember this is the short explanation.

Magic Find

Gives you and increasing rate of chance of finding magic easance ( everywhere ).

Gives the ability to destroy magical items to have a chance of creating magical easance.

And will increase a party's chance to find greater loot stacking widh members.

Best regards: SilverFisk


  • beater07beater07 America
    I missing the part how this is a money sink.
  • Yeh you are right. I gues i went out of topic on this one :).

    Maybe if you need gold as a part of the cost to enchant things ?
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