Money sink suggestions. Part.1

Money sink suggestions. Part. 1

From what I understand does the game need some adjustments to make use of money and items.

I believe in some solutions for this.

First I would like to suggest that the most op items/artifacts comes widh a random time limit when they drop so they disappear and leve some regents when they expire.

This would make players use them more and you would not be super sad if you lose one.

To make it happen and still fit into the fantasy world it culd be named MagicOverload so the item does no longer have durability but is magicly overloaded so it expires after a set time vissable on the item. ( Like between 1week and 1year )
This item's culd posseby be blessed if you are lucky but not all of them.

My second suggestion is a new profesion that goes along widh this and will make a good money sink. I will post it in another post to keep them apart.

Best regards. SilverFisk

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