[Solved] [Edited] No skills gain

edited May 18 in New Player Nook
Hi, I've been training Musicianship and Entertainment and so far so good. 40.7 Musicianship and 48.1 Entertainment. The problem is that it stopped gaining anything. Tried with pets (Brown Bears) in the tabern and outside of guards zone. I've tried too with an untammed chicken (inside a town). And they seem to be stuck at that figures. I've checked if I had limited them in the skill book, and that's not the problem. Untill now It was gaining with Riddle of Stupidity, and now it doesn't, I tryed to change it to Riddle of Virility and nothing.

Can anyone help me? I don't know what am I doing wrong. Is it ok to do it in the tabern? In guards zone? On a pet? What riddle or song should I use?

Thank you very much!

EDITED: The issue was that I reached the 600 skill cap, so anything was raising. Problem solved.
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