Blues/Reds, What's The Difference?

I am writing this out of frustration to what many of us have labeled "U-turn" development. For the longest time, since I can remember playing LOA we have asked for stricter restrictions on red players. As of right now playing a red character is more rewarding than playing a blue. Red players have screamed the loudest and gotten their development ideas implemented at the cost of blue players.

The silent majority is being ignored...

Playing a red character should be the hardest playstyle in the game. You are essentially a fugitive/outcast degenerate.
A one percenter that is unable to live within the confines of a moral civilized society. With that comes great rewards and possibly great punishment. Life should be difficult...

I would like to take a moment and discuss several key features that are undermining core game mechanics. Mechanics that I feel are being sorely overlooked and swept under the carpet as "design" features.

1. Safe Zone for Reds. Right now after skill loss any red player can SAFELY macro their skills back to 100% in the loving embrace of Black Forest Outpost . Even combat skills are being leveled back to full off of tree lords with lycoan training daggers in safety.

Proposal: Oasis town has always been the lawless city. Limit red players to the town of Oasis and keep it UNGUARDED .

2. 300% skill regain and Power hour is OVERPOWERED . Right now a red can utilize a very broken "feature" . They are regaining lost skills at a base 300% bonus and using power hours on top of that. Any red can regain their skills within that hour to 100%. Basically subverting skill loss and making it a laughable punishment.

Proposal: Remove the base games 300% skill re-gain bonus and remove red players ability to use the power hour buff.

3. Grey flagging most GO! Blues should NOT be able to flag on other blues. Right now enemy red guilds are abusing the flagging system. They show up to our events with 15 blues and a hand full of reds.

We move to engage the reds and within a few seconds blues waltz through our line and flag grey to kill us. If you intend on playing a blue guild. You would be forced flag grey and premptively murder blues to win the engagement.

Proposal: Require blues to flag grey in OASIS CITY. Remove the ability to flag grey anywhere else. Stop turning blues against blues.

4. Penetence Scrolls are Unbalanced . Right now, red players are using penitence scrolls to their advantage. On multiple occasions we have witnessed blue players waltz through our defensive line and flag red immediately. The only way this is possible is through penitence scrolls.

Proposal: Give penitence scrolls a 30-90 day cool down per character. Also, point #3 would prevent the now blue red player from insta flagging on us blues mid fight.

5. Restore Original Skill Loss for Reds . The original skill loss pre-nerf was a good deterrent for reds. The skill loss was heavy enough to discourage red zerging. Only "THE BEST" players were reds.

Proposal: Restore the original skill loss for reds.

6. Dead spycams are back . Right now in just about every major POI (Point of Interest) players are using the in game macro system to afk macro dead player abilities to watch these areas.

Proposal: Remove dead players abilities to see the world around them completely.

7. Return to 66:33 safe zones. I believe the peak of this games population we lived in a world where 66% of the map was Wilderness and 33% was safe. This gave new players the opportunity to skill up, learn the game mechanics and enjoy the game.

Proposal: Return the map to pre-patch times to balance the wilderness. OR come up with a better system than we have now.
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