new player areas

make sewer non-wilderness
add 2nd level with large spiders, imps and greater imps
end room with inflamed imps at the end
add a dynamic spawn somewhere

make graveyards non-wilderness
add a non wilderness mausoleum with 1 level
fill it with skeleton warriors, bone magi and liches
add an end room with lord darken
add a dynamic spawn somewhere

the idea is so players can train up to 80 skill without being pk'd all the time


  • They should add locked chests as well for training new characters. Could also add npcs that can be stolen from for snooping and stealing.
  • All good ideas and the need more content for low lvl chars so you don't have to grind you skill upp to be useful.
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    only drop tier 1 and 2 mats, no tier 3
    lets players have a place to get up to about 80 skill
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    need to add way more caverns with drakes for training. right now there is one cavern and one dungeon. its not enough for skill gains and the number of people trying to do it.
  • What about patrolling guards in some newbie areas the guards should not be almighty but will call other guards to help them so it will be hard for reds to kill new players.
  • Or what about NPC players that walk around doing stuff that a new player would do and will join in and fight against reds. This will give reds more to kill and make it hard for them to kill in populated areas.
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