BARD suggestions.

SilveFisk's Bard suggestions.

Hi I was playing around widh a bard and I realized that the bard profesion is not Finnished and need more stuff. I don't know what is planed but I hope I can give some inspiration.

Here are my suggestions for more stuff to the bard. I hope the Devs can take time to read it and get inspired by it.

If you like it pls spread it and like/comment on it so it gets attention.

Everything here is suggestions !

Bard profesion quest line.

Stage 1: learn the profession, get a song book and play a song.

Stage 2: play at an in widh skill:1 and get 3 listeners att the same time.

Stage 3: play at 3 different ins. And play "Song of the bards harmony" 10 times.

Stage 4: Teleport 10 players widh the song "To the place I love."

Bard quests
Quests spawns when you get there. All quests from lower tears can be found in higher tears widh slight modifications.
Some quests are able to coop and these quests can be found on all qestgivers form different classes.

Tear 1. (10-40 skill)
• Encampent widh warriors need bard support against enemies
• sing att marked spot to spread harmony
• Travel widh a caravan of diffent classes to a goal and gain more reward the more NPC's that survive ( this has a timer b4 it starts so more players can join in and then spawns the caravan quest stats depending och how Manny players join in)

Tear 2. (40-70 skill)
• meet another person accepting the same quest at a dungeon opening and kill the monsters inside. ( Opening spawns when both players are there )

Tear 3. (79-100 skill)
• Kill the caravan that will spawn att marked location. Get rewards depending on how Manny players or NPC's you kill. Killing caravan will not count as bad carma if you have the quest. But be wary of guarded areas. Equip the gear you can afford to loose you will probably die but the reward might be worth it depending on your kills.
( The caravan will be marked on mapp for the travel time ) ( this has a timer b4 it starts so more players can join in and then spawns the caravan quest stats depending och how Manny players join in)
• Travel to a marked area and boost 5 players there widh songs.
• Go to the marked spot to duel an NPC bard.
( NPC have some random skill combinations some good and some not so good )

Bad wepon skill

Skill 1: play melody on your instrument and players gan give you money if they want. And if you are at an in all listeners gain increased vitality.

Skill 2: make a stance and play a melody and if another bard is nearby and playing something that you know without failing chance you end stance and change to play the same bard song widh no mana cost. Cooldown 1min. ( You ar imobile while making a stance)

Bard prestige abilities
Tear 1
• Make a stance and play a song to lure all annimals closer to you 5min cooldown
• play a random song you can play widout failing chance in your song book widout mana cost and widh half song time 10 min cooldown

Tear 2
• Ability to merch 2 songs to sing them together and gain the effects of both 10min cooldown. ( Activate ability and then select 2 songs)
• You can play a song widout instrument unarmed 10min cooldown .

Tear 3
• while playing a song Cast a tear 1 or tear 2 mage spell of your choice 20sec cooldown
• the next time you are attacked if you have an instrument eqiped you atomaticly set
"The song about me killing" to the name of the attacker and then you play the song 10min cooldown.

Bard skills (Songs)

Make the bard songs in different categories.
And so you don't have all of them in a song book from start. Make them an item in the world to trade and use to add a song to a songbook.
And if you are a scribe widh the right skill level you can make scrolls.
*allot like spellscrolls work.

All supportive songs does not effect stuff that is hostile to you.
All aggressive songs only effects stuff that you are hostile against or is hostile against you.



*The power cord
Req 10 bard
10 mana
Dammages every enemy nearby and adds dammage the longer it hits them.
( Not allot of dammage but noticeable when something gets hits for the duration)

• The song about me killing *name*
Req 50 bard
The last thing you made a killing blow on is named in the song. When the *named* creature or player is hit by the song there is a chance to stun them for 5sec. ( Can happen more then once in the same song )

• The mage aprentice
Req 80 bard
10 mana
Continually summons magic missiles that targets random enemy inside radius.

• Sorrow of minds
Req 50 bard
10 mana
Makes targets widhin the song take more dammage from spells

• Heavy burden
Req 50 bard
10 mana
Makes targets widhin the song take more physical dammage

• No one is afraid of the wolf
Req 90 bard
10mana 5 min cooldown
The effect reveals hidden enemies.


*Song of the bards harmony
Req 50 bard
50:mana. Cooldown: 1h
Make a blessing of the bard on you and nearby players.
Adds tunes depending on other skills known.

A player can only have one blessing of the bard att Anny given time if you get a new blessing during another you will get renewed time on your blessing and the effects of the best blessing received.
The blessing has different effect depending on your other skills. Only effects that you currently have on the skill is showed in game. ( Can be several )

All skills that are in effect have 3 stages.
50: A small part
80: Lesser
100: Greater

All bonuses applied are just small bonuses and should not be gamechanging or over powerful.

Tunes ( effects )

Animal Lore
: You feel at one widh the animal kingdom.
*animals spawn faster close to you.

Animal Taming
:Harmony among friendly Animals.
*Friendly Animals gains a stat boost

: True aim
*A bonus to hit chance or dam bonus

: Strength
• Bonus to STR

: Harmony among friendly beasts.
*Friendly Beasts gains a stat boost

: Currage to stand ground
• Gain the ability stand ground witch makes you imobile for 2 sec and during that time you gain a bonus to defence.

: Strength in hands
• Increased carry waight

: Medetetive mind
• Bonus to mana regain.

: Nice lyrics
• increased area of effect for all songs

: Battle Mages mind
• Bonus to spelldammage.

: Harmony in Boddy
• Bonus to HP

: Stealthy mind
• Bonus to Hiding

: The tunes of the person widh the long reach.
• Bonus to DEX

Magic Affinity
: Mages song
• Bonus to spell success

: Mages song part 2
• Bonus to spell success

Martial Prowess
: The strong ones musical mind
• Bonus dammage.

: Blessing of the bard
• Increse the time the blessing lasts(1,2,3h)

: Into the caves
• Bonus to dam.

: The dark magicians tunes
• Give you a summoned familiar to follow you around untill it dies or time runs out.
The familiar can carry some stuff depending on lvl.

: The dace among swords
• Gives a bonus to attacking widh swords

: Songs in the shadow
• Gives you a bonus area to detect stealth

: Whispering wisps
• Gives a bonus to summoned creatures

: Dude where is my bird
• Bonus in Hp and Stamina.

: The song about making gold
• When you drink a portion you get a bonus effect of that potions effect.

: Had working and hardly working
• you can add some basic colour to your creations if you blacksmith.

: Got wood ?
• Bonus to HP

: Chefs song
• Magicly adds some food/ingredients around the player at random intervals.

: Where are my sleeves
• When a piece of cloth on the player is destroyed some of the materials drop.

: The song about me
• A better chance to find scrolls in loot.

: Smell my finger
• When you meet someone widh 100 in fishing the first time after the effect of this you will atumaticy greet the player and a smal rain of fish will appear.
Greeting could be " hello there *name*" or "hi sailer"
Or something else random.

: I'm ok
• bonus to stamina and carry waight.

: Hayyyyy ho
• Increased chance of finding ore.

: Under the carpet
• You can use lockpicking widout lockpicks during the effect. And a small increase in loot.

Treasure Hunting
: X marks the spot
• When you travel the mapp a stranger will sometimes appear and give you a treasure map.

_Example : if you play the song widh the skills
Entertainment: 80
Musicianship: 50
Animal Taming: 100
Vigor: 80
The blessing of the bard you receive and give to nearby will be.

Blessing of the bard.
• Lesser Nice lyrics
• A small part Blessing of the bard
• Greater Harmony among friendly Animals
• Lesser Dude where is my bird_

*Song of healing
Req 30 bard
Replenish Hp you and nearby

*Song of mana
Req 30 bard
Replenish mana you and nearby

*Song of stamina
Req 30 bard
Replenish stamina you and nearby

*Song of steady hands
Req 60 bard
10mana 5 min cooldown
When the song ends gives the targets widhin and you a steady hands buff that prevents from being interuppded one time. Buff lasts untill used or for 1h


*Marching song
Req 60 bard
10mana 10min cooldown
Increased movement speed you and nearby.

*To the place I love. "Name"
Req 80 bard
60mana 20 min cooldown
Channels for 10sec then teleports all listeners and you to the place of your heartstone.
( Listeners has to actively listen by clicking you )

*Come forth my trustworthy companion.
Req 50 bard
10 mana 5 min cooldown
"Cannel for the time it takes to mount and unsommon if not mounted'
Summons a random ride.
( Better/cooler ride is more common widh more in skill )

• Song of awareness
Req 75 bard
10 mana 10 min cooldown
If there are reds in the dungeon or close by in wilderness the song will glow red. Else it will glow green.

• Tune of total confusion
Req 70 bard
10 mana 25sec cooldown
Create 2 copies of yourself that go in different directions and imitates you in their directions. For 10sec or untill killed. ( They have 1hp)

I might add more if I get more ideas.
It definitely need more songs.

Best regards SilverFisk.

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