Crafter and gathering builds | TEMPLATES

Hi all,

i'm a new player of LoA but i have some experience in the oldies games such as Ultima Online (bla bla bla the same as usual bla bla)

I was playing a few months ago and i leveled a bard/tammer. This was very tougth but i did'nt have any problems to tame my first wyvern alone.

Currently i'm back and i'm thinking about TWO templates to new characters. First, i propose the template for the gatherer and the second one for the crafter.

Gatherer build
600 skill points
1 - Lumber
2 - Mining
3 - Manifest
4 - Hiding
5 - Blacksmith
6 - Carpentry

Pros - it is capable of transform logs to boards and ores to ingots, traveling with portals, and running away from problems (PK's , monsters)

Cons - It's not a combat character so i will be running away and my horse packs will be killed by PK every time. :'(

Crafter build (Agoraphobia mode)
600 skill points

1 - Fabrication
2 - Inscription
3 - Alchemy
4 - Cooking
5 - //empty
6 - // empty

It is house-based character and it will not move away from the home/crafting placement

Please, i'd appreaciate so much suggestions and critics as possible about those templates. Thank you!
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