Add Mount Bless Scroll and Cursed Scroll

Add a mount bless scroll for tamers so people can bless non blessed mounts.
Add cursed scroll as a reward from crafting so we can curse any artifact or gear not cursed.

Limit to wearing 1 cursed item at a time.


  • add a blessed hunting knife as a future season reward
  • UmbraSpriteUmbraSprite
    LordMith said:

    add a blessed hunting knife as a future season reward

    Now this one cracks me up. 1. PK's who steal your hunting knife are horrible people. I play in a PVP oriented guild and MOST (not all) of them will not only leave your gear that is of no value to them but will also resurrect you and definitely not grief kill you over and over.

    PVP may not be everyone's bag (I suck at it...but do enjoy it) but there is a way to do even that without being a anti-social internet douchebag.

    That said...these are SO easy to buy from a vendor for cheap? Is it that someone is making you go all the way back to town to get started again? Aren't you already out of luck if you don't have weapons to kill the animals you are going to skin?
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    i just always forget to get a new one until im in the middle of the hunt. its usually to skin vile spiders while running tree is when i realize.

    or add it to the shop like the torches
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