Taming Rebalance

With all the new gear making people more powerful taming has become weak. It needs a boost given its the hardest skill to GM.


  • need to take another look at the number of slots certain pets use up
  • FiFi the Wiccan

    It is sad to see that out of every archetype in the game, Tamers have been the most neglected.

    I hope at the very least that the improvements to the Profession System and the new tameables in The Frozen Tundra being introduced in PR10 will return some excitement back to Tamers, but I don't see that excitement lasting when the majority of what all pets can do is basic attack—easily being kited to assault the Tamers themselves in PvP.
  • ya, they really need to do a good job with tamers. between the damage nerf and what appears to be them being slower they have taken a huge hit. as well as the boost all other classes have gotten through the new armor. i dont see why, consider how boring and long they take to build
  • make stables use gold from bank
  • make being a 2 skill tamer (without beastmastery needed for damage for regular animals and not beasts) and 3 skill tamer both playable
  • allow pets to bond after 7 days and become ghosts when they die
  • add a red wyvern as an option for end game pet
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