Patch 9.5 is Available Now!

Greetings adventurers!

We’re pleased to announce that Patch 9.5, the latest update for Legends of Aria, is available to play right now! This patch focuses on expanding engagement in core gameplay activities with new opportunities for both risk and reward.

We have added Seasons, which bring fresh challenges for PvE, PvP, Harvesting, and Gathering, with exclusive rewards and goals added each month, providing a means for players from various playstyles to work towards rewards while also exploring all that Celador has to offer. The theme for each season will drive what tasks can be completed to earn points and also what rewards are available for players to unlock. Players can engage in unique or repeatable PvE, crafting, harvesting, or Chaos Zone content in return for points that can be redeemed to unlock 3 tiers of monthly reward.

Chaos Zones are regions where, upon entering, players will become Chaotic, illustrated by an orange name. Chaotic players are free to attack and be attacked by others while incurring no murder counts or skill loss upon death. Murderers and other characters who would normally suffer skill loss will be protected from any negative effects while flagged as Chaotic or within a Chaotic Zone. Chaos Zones will appear as locations on the world map and allow players to earn tokens toward their Season PvP reward. These zones will be dynamic and will move as seasons progress.

We’re excited to be bringing these additions to Legends of Aria, as well as to see the ways in which these additions enhance how our players experience the game. To stay connected with the latest development updates, including our upcoming Point Release 10, keep an eye on the Legends of Aria Trello board.

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