I suggest Nerf at HIDE/STEALTH.

Everytime we go out of guard protection to farm or do anything, a PK comes invisible dealing 200% Damage, plus mortal strike or stun, and kills you with 3-4 hits.

There is no chance to defend yourself since when the PK appears, you already have less then halflife.

And surprisling, aginst to all ODDS, if you start to win the fight aginst the PK, he just becomes invisible again and run or atack you again dealing 200% damage plus mortal strike.

It is impossible to Farm, Collect, Gather or do anything else in this game.

Some of you will say: "Oh! But you can use Wards. Stop complaining"

The important thing is that im not a Mage. Most people of this game is not a Mage. The invisble detection system is frustating and almost do not exists. You detect the invisble when he is already right next to you ready to kill.

I'm asking the competent staff/developers of this game to give players mechanics to survive and fight back.

obs: most PKs are really well equiped. Good for them. They played a lot to get into this position. But, it seems supereasy to kill players mining, farming mobs, gathering or anything else, while you have the best equipments of the game, invisible, watching your target gets halflifed to appear dealing 200% damage.


  • Discord has been full of these complaints since stealth was added - I have no doubt something will change (but being CS I couldn't begin to guess what it will be)
  • Blame Citadel for the current imbalance in the game. Many players have quit, leaving a collection of toxic PKs who get their enjoyment griefing players.

    Worse, due to the stupid design of getting Master and Grandmaster books, most players have no chance of ever getting critical abilities such as Vanish, as even the guilds who can run the Awakenings rarely get these books themselves.
  • HowlingMadHowlingMad Argentina
    I agree, its so boring this.
    There is only one build of pk, all atacks by same way.
    Its unbalanced .

  • AmarokAmarok Crimson Sea Europe
    agreed for totally unbalanced.
    it's ridiculous and ridiculous that as soon as the message "Outcast XXX has been spotted in XXX" appears, the rest of the normal players run to the next safe place or log out completely.

    After today's, as the name says, "Chaos (stupid) update" it would make sense to delete all outcast and set up a fixed orange zone in which all PK / KOS "heroes" can smash each other's heads without being disturbed or noticed.
    They have their fun and the other players have their peace and quiet and thus a happy and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • stab is the problem for the 200% damage when combined with the new super powerful artifacts.
    otherwise hiding/stealth has always been the same.
    they have not balanced at all with the new gear they have been putting out
  • wrekognizewrekognize United States

  • AmarokAmarok Crimson Sea Europe
    no matter what the problem is - there was/is no change since weeks.

    so CS doesn't want to change anything or provide any bug fixing and support. But this behavior is killing the game.
  • applesmashapplesmash Eldeir
    Specifically, prevent the GM skill Vanish from working 1 tile (I realize its not tiles) in front of someone. Doesn't make sense. At least require some distance. -OR- make cooldown some thing stupid.
  • The stabber build is far from OP, but is stupidly good at doing the PK work.
  • seems your problem is more the combo of the overpowered gear +200% damage than the actual skills
  • When the only build you will EVER see a PK play is a stealther. Then it is obviously imbalanced.
  • ShermSherm United States
    Stealth Lancers are way over powered at the moment .
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