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hi, sorry english but i use google translator.
I wanted to ask for some information on skill stealing:
1) how do I train it? for now I am testing on horses with backpack but the fact remains that already during training and even if the horses are mine I take the status of a criminal and for each attempt of theft I have to wait about 5 minutes before I can repeat it.
Snooping goes up well while stealing is still at the base level of the trainer. Is there any way to train it faster or without the 5 minute penalty? I can understand that a theft against a pg means that they are on alert for 5 real minutes but for training it would take mannequins or similar things just to eliminate this dead period that makes even the premium power hour useless.
Will it ever be resolved that after a successful theft is revealed? at least one could risk it but if it brings the skills to 100 a minimum chance of not being seen there should be otherwise it doesn't make sense.
When will this skill be fixed a little?


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  • Only help I can offer is to suggest having 5 horses
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    I have found a bug (think). I have try to stealing ti graveyard. My stealing try have failed and a target player have put out my healt bar for attack me. I have run out and hide but the target follow me simply click on the health bar. My health bar not disappear and on click move the enemy on me in hidden mode. To near to see me and kill. I think is a bug. If my pg is in hiding mode... the other player not have to see me. Now i have try with my friend and another my pg but with me the bug not work. I not understand how the player have followed me in hiding mode.. Sorry for my english.
    For train the stealing i have try with 5 horses with backpack and is ok. More slow for delay time of 5 min but is ok.
    Other problem is the weight relative to level of skill. Now i have 60 and i can steal only 6kg. It is ok but i not can slit item in the backpack of victim.... at 100 skill i can steal 10kg but simply 1250gold = 5kg. If i can split is ok but not is possible. Then what can i steal if i not can split? bandage, reagent, arrow, mineral ore etc... are all in group and not split for thief. Ok for weight limit but consent to thief to split item pls.
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