A change to durability

Right now there are two main issues with how durability works.

1) Fast weapons break too easily compared to slow weapons. This is caused by durability degradation for weapons being based on the number of hits. This is a problem because the cost of a weapon is largely dependent on the enchants, so you end up with a huge difference in equip maintenance costs depending on your weapon choice.

2) Helms, and to a lesser extent leggings, degrade too slowly. Armor degrades when you get hit, and chest pieces take the greatest part of the damage. On ranged builds, this makes helms and leggings go on for months before breaking. This was fine previously, when the purpose of a piece of armor was to protect. Obviously if you are not using it to protect yourself because you are not being hit, why should it degrade? This has now become a problem though, since those equips now carry offensive buffs. You can "use" that equip for months without problems.

To address those two points, i would propose the following changes.

- Make weapon degradation based on unmitigated damage inflicted, same as how bloodlust gains work now. The speed changes a lot between weapons, but the total damage inflicted is around the same. This would make all weapons degrade at around the same speed. A starting value could be 750 (unmitigated) damage per durability point. This has the added benefit for new players that low grade weapons don't break so fast in the hand of a player with low damage, but the player would be encouraged to improve the quality of his weapons while his damage increases.

- Make armors degrade based on unmitigated damage received, for the same reasons just stated for weapons. Every 400 (unmitigated) damage received, have a random piece of armor lose 1 point of durability. Jewels count as armor pieces.

- Add an additional degradation based on enchants. All items should degrade when the enchantment on them is "used". You degrade an item by tapping into the magic enchant to draw out it's power, and in the long run this ruins the item. All items with an enchant that affects offensive stats should degrade by 1 for each 1500 points of (unmitigated) damage inflicted. This includes weapons, jewels and armor pieces. This degradation isn't needed for defensive enchants, because except for few rare exceptions, they are on armor pieces and already degrade when taking damage.

These changes would go even better if combined with the enchanting changes i proposed in the other thread. In that case putting an offensive enchant on an armor piece would have the drawback of reducing the durability of that item.

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