Thy i cant play

Hi, some time ago i bought this game, checked for some time and decided to wait for next developement. Now when i try to launch it i get message "The Client version is not supported. A client version bla bla bla is required...." I downloaded new laucher and same shit happends. On website on my account thers some unclear for me info "Your subscription expired, update payment info
Subscription Expiration:
WHAT THE F does that mean ? there was no subscription before, you bought a game and you could plan so what the hell ? Can anyone clear it for me pleas>


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    Ignore subscription, its there even if youve never subbed.
    Id suggest ticking the Check Integrity box on client - that might update your client correctly.
  • ok after few hours of downloading shutting down and louching it get me to right version, but still i have no button like check integrity.
    O wait damn it, even when i hit launch button it still downloads some update :/ to be continued...

    ps what is this subscription thou ? is there abonament now or so ? i didnt sigh for that S... when i bought game :/
  • Subscription is optional
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