Taming skill gains are WAY too slow, even during a power hour!

I have grinded through taming, which is 0 fun, tedious, and boring and have managed to get to 86.1 animal taming skill.
I log in today, pop my power hour right before I begin taming my first elk through elk missions from the rancher, spend 45 minutes of my power hour to only gain 1 skill?!

I can understand not wanting things to be too fast and easy, but this is just simply unacceptable!

Do the developers not realize this game is almost dead in the water?

I already have a real job in which I work at least 8 hours a day, only to come home and have to start what now feels like a second job in which I've paid a subscription for a power hour which is supposed to give me faster skill gains. I also have the buff which gives me an extra 5% skill gain and yet, after 45 minutes of taming on my power hour, I am rewarded with 1 f*$@#@! skill gain?!

I'm at my wits end with this game. I do feel there may be a rewarding game here but I'll be damned if I waste this amount of time as a paying player trying to keep this game alive for such a lousy, slow as snail shit, skill gain system.

You want to know how a developer makes smart decisions within their game? By actually spending time playing the damn thing, and I seriously doubt any developer is willing to spend this amount of time taming in a world with such limited creatures to tame and such slow skill gains and feel that this is enjoyable, fun, or rewarding!

An hour power hour I went from 86.1 to 86.2 taming elk, which there are barely any of unless you do the rancher missions over and over again. I even have n entire runebook dedicated to Eldeir mission locations so I can knock tame as many elk as humanly possible during my power hour. I now see there is no point in paying for a subscription. Power hour is an absolute joke! Skill gains for taming are horrific! I'm about done with this game if this is the type of fun I get to look forward to.


  • beater07beater07 America
    I think taming skill gains need to be nerfed, they are too fast.

    Should take at least a year to GM.
  • I did a powerhour last night, got .6. I agree it is slower than most other skills, but I don't necessarily have a problem if its hard/slow. But they do need to quit nerfing it and restricting it if they are going to make it that hard/slow like they have been doing.
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    beater07 said:

    I think taming skill gains need to be nerfed, they are too fast.

    Should take at least a year to GM.

    Are you being sarcastic, or you just don't have a job or a real life?

    Just wondering...

    If you aren't being sarcastic, you must have already of done the stupid long grind to get to gm taming and would be really butthurt if they fixed the super tediously slow gains now.

    You'd feel outright betrayed, wouldn't you?!

    When this game dies the rest of the way, have fun playing with yourself.
  • beater07beater07 America
    No i really think it should take a year to GM. But i also feel you shouldn't have to be GM before the game is fun. Being GM should actually mean something and be an accomplishment of long time game play. Most average players who play 6 months would never hit GM. But they'd also not have to be GM to experience end game content.
  • I had typed a huge wall of my feedback but the forum ate my post when editing it and I'm not retyping all of it again.

    Good luck with the game.
  • If it is going to take a year to GM it better be the most powerful skill in the game and not even close. Right now they are pretty low on the PVP chart of best available.
  • DolcitoDolcito lelejuegos@gmail.com
    If you have 86.1 Skill, don't up with ELK, change to next level trainer.
    Sorry my english
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