Suggestions for the Game and Militia.

After PR9 the game felt dead for me. Especially with the dispatchers gone. I am not alone in this feeling. This is what I think would help the game and make it enjoyable and motivate us to be playing the game and militia again for someone who plays and enjoys all aspects of the game.

More focus on getting players engaging in the open environment by putting more rewards out in the world and dungeons…

- Allow “Master” book drops from Dungeon Bosses, Dark lord, Ogre Brute etc and “GM” books and artifacts only from the awakenings bosses.

- Treasure hunting should also have chance to drop skill books and artifacts at higher level maps.

- Increase Silk and Vile drops on mobs and increase the chance for them to drop it.
- Dispatch Resources missions should never be more profitable than going out to get raw harvest trees, ore mobs or dungeons bosses. Rare mats (blightwood, Obsidian, Silk and Vile) should not be obtainable from missions.

- Crafted “artifacts” should only be obtained from the Rare mats. Crafted artifacts should never be blessed or cursed.

- Return Bless/Cursed scrolls to the game as a drop. Cursed/blessed scrolls should be a rare drop from Death Only. Those scrolls can be used on any worn or held item. An item can only be blessed/cursed once. Blessed scrolls double the item durability and Cursed do not. Each character should only be allowed to have a maximum of two blessed or cursed items worn on them at one time. This gives players a motive to work for end game content that can also be used in Militia or harvesting with relative security but not produce a character that is completely decked out in blessed/cursed and now unlootable. It will also revive catacomb runs and conflicts.


- Continue building on the Keep Castle system however return the talents collection and buffs to the old PR8 system of collecting. It was more action and more fun. Battering rams don’t require wood anymore, they should be spawnable once every two hours. King of the hills can also provide a buff to the door of your keep, defenses you have at the keep or to the battering ram depending on who holds them.

- Make talents able to be looted from corpses. Don't allow free accounts to join militias. All Flags should reset to their home keep after 12 hours of capture. This flag timer never resets unless it expires or is captured by another militia. Return Hills as they were in PR8, stop forcing players to kill mobs on hills for talents. Collecting talents made the hills feel useful and have purpose. Right now they just feel broke. Return random drop crates to the Militia rewards as a talent sink with the chance of a rare drop.

Players need a reason to work for things and no one is going to militia fight without good rewards to work towards. And most of all, stop taking things players have worked for away from them. Thanks for your time and game.
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