Feedback on PR9 crafting and suggestions related to it

With PR9 we received quite a bit of novelty in terms of crafting, which was really appreciated. There are a few thing though that could get tweaked, to make sure that this new artifact crafting system works well and complements the previous enchanting system, rathen than overshadowing it.

Before going into details though, there is one change to the artifact crafting system, that i believe it is really important.
Change the artificer scrolls from granting a certain number of minutes to granting a certain amount of tries over the next hour (ie, instead of 120 seconds, 60 tries). The problems with the time based system are 2. First, it is frenetic, and a lot of bad things can happen (disconnections for example). The second and biggest problem is that the value of the artifacts is tied too much to the crafting time, which means that those items that never become trivial (leather armors for example) and that will always have a full crafting time, end up costing 4 times more just because they are not trivial. An attempt based system would fix both those issues.

Now, going into the details of the new system, we can see that the crafted artifacts are items with 200 durability and 4 random pristine enchants on them. This is good, having 4 enchants instead of 3 makes them feel on an higher tier than regular crafted equipment, without completely invalidating the previous items. Or that would be if not for the 2 following issues:

- Artifacts do not respect the limits for enchants (shards on weapons, threads on armors, runes on bows and shields)
- Shields can normally have only 2 enchants

This system makes it so that the artifact armors and most importantly shields are really sought after, while the artifact weapons are not really desidered. The artifacts are not good because they have 4 enchants instead of 3, they are good right now because everyone wants weapon enchants on the armor. All this is combined with the fact that attack speed and hit chance enchantments, do not stack over the single enchant value (30% and 25% respectively), making a quite messy situation.
The weapon enchants were made to be stronger than armor enchants, since there was only 1 weapon, while there were 3 armor pieces. You can see a clear example of this in the hit chance enchantment versus evasions chances. They are the opposite of each other, but one is a weapon enchant and gives up to 25%, the other is an armor enchant and gives up to 8%. For that i would like to propose the following changes:

- Remove the restrictions from enchants, allow all enchants to go on all equips. This will also fix the 2 enchant shield problem. Now the advantage of artifacts is again in the higher number of enchants and higher durability.

- Change the enchant caps to work in a soft cap way. After reaching the soft cap, the bonus gained from the enchant is halved, and is halved again after another soft cap. For example, if you set the soft cap of attack bonus at +50%, and you equip 2 items for a total of +80% damage, you will get the full effect of the first 50%, but only half of the remaining 30%, resulting in a total bonus of 65% (50 + 30/2). If you instead have equip for a total of 140% attack, you get the first 50%, half of the second 50%, and only a quarter of the remaining 40%, for a total of 85% (50+50/2+40/4). Soft caps should be set to 1 maximum result of a pristine enchant for weapon and shield enchants (attack, attack speed, hit chance, reduced ranged damage, spell block), and to 4 maximum results of pristine enchants for the other ones. In this way, you can rebalance weapon enchants versus armor enchants, without needing to rewrite all values on all the items currently existing.

The net result of this is giving the proper value to both artifacts and enchanted items, while drastically increasing the customization possibilities for the players.

As a last note, i would kindly ask the devs to take a look at the forgotten essences, this would a be a good moment to fix them. I'm talking about the rune of roving, the rune of ishi, and the unyielding, resistance and sturdy shards. The first 2 have identical effects to the vanquishing and accuracy shards, but can only be applied to bows. It would be a good moment to give them a different effect (bonus health? increased durability? chilling effect? stamina regen? spell power?). The 3 armor shards are simply never used because they are overspecialized. A simple fix could be to keep the effects, but make all of those shards give 2 different resistances instead of a single one. This means going from bashing, slashing, piercing to bashing/slashing, piercing/slashing, bashing/piercing making them a bit less specialized. Same effect on same item should not stack obviously, so if you put a bashing/slashing shard and a bashing/piercing, you get only the higher result of the 2 for bashing, not both.

Sorry for the long post.


  • OuijaOuija Canada
    I agree that having a certain amount of time to craft artifacts seems incredibly strange and could cause a lot of issues. I feel the best fix would be to change the scroll into a crafting item for each type of craft viable smith hammer(#ofuses) Sewing Needle (#ofuses) etc. ive seen this system done before and it works quite well , allows people to sell the item aswell. Infact this issue effects the "enchanting system" aswell because these items and a skilled user should be a prerequisite aswell.
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