Game progress and discord

Hi everyone,
just wanted to say that with Point Release 9 (bigger patch) game made a big step forward again.

These forums are quite deserted since everyone uses Discord nowadays and game has ingame tradeboards now which make forum trades even more redundant. So I´d strongly advice new players to join Discord. There you will see that all is still alive and well.

The negative and toxic impressions you might get from some of the posts here are from disappointed players who mostly left (for their reasons) but think they must/should harm the Game even after leaving it. The concept of an open pvp sandbox truly causes mixed emotions on all sides - predators and prey. Being a carebear myself I´ve been enjoying the project for more than four years now. I´m happy to see it grow, even when some of the Dev decisions sometime are not of my taste.

Don´t listen to trolls. Forge your own opinion.



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