Thanks for 3 years of enjoyment

I came into post alpha wondering if this game was the real deal on "spiritual successor" of ultima online. I only played for a few hours till I bought the admin package to develop server code. I learned many things over the past 3 years game development wise and yet another language to add to my resume of languages I know and have used.

I just want to say to all the players I met thanks for the good times and engaging conversations about the game. I would like to say thanks to the development team for such a fun product to toy around with. Lastly I would like to say thank you to all the community developers who get up every day to produce something unique for people to enjoy.

Its been a wonderful ride, so instead of writing a whole slew of negativity about how some people in the community, community developer and staff at citadel have treated me. I would like to part saying good luck to the developers at citadel, the players, and community developers. I hope one day your servers are packed to the brim with players, fun and memories.

Last thing, would someone get HuntOctober his damn tron suit =)

Take care everybody


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