Character deleted with server merger?

Hello, I haven't played this game since the server merger and decided to give it another try just to find out my main character with all my founder pack rewards are gone. I have no problem rerolling but it sucks to lose the founder items. Can i recover at least the founder items?


  • Hi! It's possible that, if you had a certain number of characters (specifically, multiple characters on each server), that there are too many and the others aren't showing on your server list.

    - If you have more than four characters (or five if you are an active subscriber), you will need to delete one of the characters that is showing on your list. You can do this in Limbo by speaking with Kamus. You can see a full guide with steps here:

    - If you have fewer than four characters (or five if you are an active subscriber) and still do not see your character, please send us an email at and we'll be happy to help you.

  • KingslyKingsly Blue Boar
    Thank you for the reply.. Looks like I will have to email for a solution. Thank you again.
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