Who owns "The Forge" -Ethereal Moon

LiplessPantherLiplessPanther Celador
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WTB "The Forge" house/plot at Freeman Quarry. (pm me if you know who owns this)

I have been searching for the adventurer who owns several "The Forge" plots/houses. I have seen a horse owned by "Inspector" in one of the houses, but this is all of the info I have.



  • I know a guy. I will ask him for you.
  • Grimfall said:

    I know a guy. I will ask him for you.

    Please do! Any info is greatly appreciated.
  • I tried messaging the guy but he is not responding to me. Maybe he quit.
  • Unlucky. I'll keep checking back, if he responds please let me know!
  • I am still looking to buy this house/plot. Any info is greatly appreciated!
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  • Will that help me find the owner of the forge?
  • beater07beater07 America
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    You're right. It is something I haven't done yet, I will start today.
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  • Now this is something I can get behind. LOL
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