CALL TO ARMS! Event Sunday (2/9) @ 2pm EST

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Greetings Adventurers!
We recently released our militia keeps to the Experimental Server and we need YOUR help! On Sunday we will be recording footage for a video to promote the updates to the militia system. Here’s how the event will go down:

• We will be meeting up at the Valus Stage at 2pm EST Sunday
• Half of the group will go to Helm to join the Helm militia and the other half will go to Pyros. (NOTE: For this test, we will allow players to drop their militia instantly to join one of the two we are using for the test)
• The Pyros members will go to their keep and the Helm militia members will head there shortly after.
• Helm will then siege the Pyros keep ending with a big battle when the keep door is destroyed.
• We will then do the same thing at the Helm keep.

This event is going to be a lots of fun as there will be several big PvP battles and your character will be featured in an official Citadel Studios video. Even if you are not a big PvPer you can still have fun at this event! Please spread the word because we don’t have much time to get the word out.

Check out the new battering ram in action:
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