Which Direction, Who Knows

Hello fellow citizens and non citizens who visit our land of growing world of Celador. I would like to talk about the current profession system we have governing what use to be unlimited choices. I think players understand that the development team is wanting to keep this system, as you been stitching in more and more things to it. The real question I think players want is more choices back. This could be done in several ways.

Can I play a rogue? what defines a rogue? well you need combat, agility, some ability to hide and stealth. Could we get a 4 skill class for it with like melee weapon + healing + stealth + hiding. Allowing us to pick the last 2 skills to customize them. Then give them abilities like Evade - 25% chance to dodge incoming attacks for 8 seconds, 2 minute cool down. Throat Punch, stuns target for 3 seconds as they gasp for air, 90 second cool down. Shadow Dance, teleport to target within 10 units dealing 25% of weapon damage, 5 minute cool down.

The elephant in the room, Tamers and professions. Again just a simple 4 skill setup, 3 taming skills + healing. Skill abilities could be simple things like a small heal over time that ticks on all your pets for 3%-4% of their life,this heal goes off every 3 seconds for 18 seconds. Then give them a res pets ability they channel for 10 seconds, brings up all their dead pets back at 25% life, then give it a 5 minute cool down who cares on the time. Then give them another offensive ability where their pets get a 25% stat boost,25% attack speed boost, make this last for 15 seconds, with a 2 minute cool down.

I wouldn't imagine it to be hard to make rare pet spawns, with pets that have special or just general weapon abilities, little more defined as being in 3 class types, Tanky, Aggro, Caster. Tanky would be slow big damage and more resilient to damage types. Aggro being fast attacking low damage, also being faster to catch those on foot, then low life. Caster could be just about any animal with any theme. They could cast debuffs on enemies, or even buffs on allies.

The basis of this whole topic I am talking about is what is missing, by taking away choices, in a game that should have massive choices. You guys locked the choices away, I think players just want you to open up more choices in builds. Instead of their favorite skills being undefined. Maybe you agree, or maybe you don't who knows. This is just one guy trying to be helpful. This is what Point Release 10 should be.
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