Religion, Sacrilege, & Worship of the Gods

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We have quite a handful of deities within the universe of Aria that I derived from the NPCs in Celador as well as the little fragments of lore that exists at this game's official website:

• The hot-headed Elemental God of Fire and Destruction—Pyros.
• The tree-hugging nature sympathizing Elemental God of Earth—Ebris (I thought this was supposed to be Demetrius).
• The carefree Elemental God of Air—Zephyr.
• Lady Moistness herself with dominion over water—Tethys
• The mysterious and bipolar God of Life, Death, and Souls—Kho.
• The enigmatic twin Creator God(desse)s.
• The Xor who are intelligent and powerful enough to mettle with the twin Creator God(desse)s and their creations; they seem to be the main antagonists of Aria's universe.
• The strange Strangers—one of which helped us in Limbo.
• The Incarnations.
• The Omega, the Overlords, and the Pedesii—the latter of which guides Founders to an area exclusive to them.

In a way, we were able to worship three of these deities—Ebris being the new addition that seems to conflict with Demetrius's domain of earth as an Elemental God—by joining one of their factions and fighting against enemy factions in their honor via the Allegiance System for titles and currency spent on Allegiance-specific merchandise, but with the revamp of the aforementioned system into the Militia System, we are no longer able to worship those three deities.


Similarly to Citizenship, PCs and NPCs can choose who they want to serve and place their faith within, and doing so provides the PCs a multitude of services:

• Access to their religion's sanctuaries—temples and (un)holy grounds).
• Access to services provided by temples and (un)holy grounds.
• Access to NPCs' information and services who worship the same religion.
• Carpentry recipes of their religion's sacred items that can be used for decor or potentially other purposes.
• Religion-specific abilities, consumables, and spells which are gained from Favor with their chosen deity, from the NPCs of that religion themselves, a form of currency exclusive to religions, or a combination of any of what was mentioned.
• Rituals specific to the worshiped religion.

Depending on who the PC decides to worship, they may have to deal with aggression or infamy from other religions that are not aligned with the PC's and NPCs' religion, sanctuaries may be hostile environments for the PC and NPCs—primarily chaotic religions, and (un)holy grounds may debilitate those of religions that are not aligned with the (un)holy grounds' religion.

One can change their religion by renouncing their faith in their deity at sanctuary where they initially dedicated themselves to their chosen deity.

A PC cannot abandon their deity with negative Favor.


The below varies greatly with the alignment of each deity.

Each deity has their own unique preferences—something that would please them and grant the PC with Favor, boons, and potentially rewards in return.

However, beings that can be pleased can also be angered. Such actions while worshiping a deity—depending on what would anger them—would cause a loss in Favor and potentially incur their wrath upon the PC depending on their level of Favor with their deity.

Generalized examples include...

• Desecration of sacred objects belonging to one's religion.
• Desecration of sanctuaries belonging to one's religion.
• Killing Apostles, Acolytes, Believers, Bishops, Clerics, Novices, Priests, or Zealots of one's religion—this includes PCs unless they have committed a crime against one's own religion or a crime in general which does not align with their deity's alignment that will work synchronously with the Criminal System in some way.
• Killing sacred beings of one's religion.
• Profaning one's deity to other NPCs and in /say.

Upon reaching negative Favor, the PC has a much higher chance of incurring a deity's wrath in the form of Divine Retribution which could cause one of a variety of random effects—some generalized across all deities and a few unique to specific deities.

Worship of the Gods

With regards to earning Favor with a deity, one can perform any of the actions that their deity likes according to their alignment, nature, and preferences.

Some generalized examples include...

• Consecrating (un)holy grounds of opposing religions to that of one's own religion.
• Creating (un)holy grounds through construction or rituals completed with an altar.
• Killing hostile PCs and NPCs of opposing religions.
• Helping Beggars.
• Helping NPCs in need of assistance.
• Performing rituals in their honor and glory.
• Praying at the altars and sanctuaries of one's religion.
• Proselytizing Atheists or Agnostics—PCs and NPCs without a religion.
• Sacrificing items at the altars of one's religion—this includes the heads of Criminals, Murderers, and enemies of opposing religions for the chaotic-aligned deities.
• Slaying sacred or cursed beings of an opposing religion.

The Favor gained from worshiping and serving ones deity can be spent on blessings—don't worry, I don't mean actual blessings like the Bless Deeds—such as the things I mentioned under "Religion", decor that does not need to be crafted, vanity in the theme of ones religion.

This is one I am unsure about due to religion being optional, but there is a chance for one with incredibly high Favor with their deity to be protected by their deity through Divine Intervention.

If not an automatic chance, a PC can pray and beseech to their deity for assistance at the cost of Favor they have gained with their deity depending on the requested assistance, and the deity can choose to or not to assist their Follower which is based on the PC's behavior while worshiping their deity and their total Favor—the Favor being lost regardless of the deity's inclination to help. Praying to a deity for assistance has a rather lengthy cooldown, and repeated prayers can incur a deity's wrath—especially if one prays their way into negative Favor due to greed which just so happens to be a cardinal sin.

This idea came from what the Developers mentioned wanting to do for those with very high Karma in the past.


Lastly, with the implementation of the Dynamic Spawner and the memory of the old dynamic events that once existed for the old Allegiance System, dynamic events can occur within Celador related to the religions, a faction of religions, or one religion in particular that could call upon all Worshipers related to the event to participate for potential rewards and Favor with their deity.

I disliked seeing the deities not have any Worshipers and not having an active part to play in Aria's universe despite Legends of Aria being in Early Access, so I thought of the above ideas as ways to give each of them a role in Celador until Legends of Aria has more content and lore to offer us—hopefully lore that will let us learn more about these deities since the NPCs, Bob the Rambler, and the three excerpts of lore have me rather curious.

E: An itty-bit of format correction and fixed a typo.
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