Rename the "Strength" Statistic

Since there is a proposed change to Constitution and Strength being tested within the Experimental Server, I thought that maybe it would make more sense to rename Strength to something else for clarification's sake whenever the change does pass.

About this proposed change, Strength will annex Constitution's role in providing us a bonus to our maximum health, and Constitution will be removed when this happens. The reason behind this is to lessen the divide of the FIghter's allotment of Statistic Points since they had to spread those points so thinly to have Magical Resistance, C.C. Resistance, bonus Maximum Health, bonus Physical Damage, and bonus Maximum Stamina in addition to bonus Attack Speed. Tanks needed to sacrifice Strength altogether to perform their jobs well enough in groups and only in groups since their lack of damage made them not so viable for solo play.


"Strength of the mind"—or at least that is what it means within modern English. The archaic meaning of the word is "physical strength" or "strength of the body". Fortitude would embody not only our strength but our exuberance or vitality as well.

I think this word would make it clear that it provides both Constitution and Strength within one statistic rather than Strength being left as it is with its apparent meaning of "brawn" or "state of being physically strong" after the merger of the two statistics.
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