Ward of Evil is pointless...

Ward of Evil is pointless when characters can log out in the dungeons and can log back in in the same location they logged out.

When someone logs their character out in a dungeon, when they log back in, they should be placed at the outside of the dungeon near the entrance or at a res shrine, whichever the devs can implement or it makes ward of evil mainly useless.

Reds are logging out in the dungeons with stealthers and periodically logging back in and checking the hot loot spots or waiting for their blue spies to alert them to when to log in to kill people.


  • This is an old tactic that reds have been using since launch.
  • TeufelTeufel Celador
    If you log out hidden you pop out and sit there for a few minutes before actually logging out. So you risk getting attacked by a mob or a random player who happens to see you standing there.

    Much better than how it was before.
  • FiFi the Wiccan
    It would be more useful if its duration had some scaling—perhaps scaling with Manifestation itself to make it last longer.
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