Build advice - Thief with some mage skills

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So i was wondering if there was any way this kind of build could work, basically i want it to be a scumbag kinda build, snooping and stealing from AFK characters and perhaps ambushing people who are fighting and close to death, before popping a rune and disappearing.

The build I'm thinking of is:
Str 30 /Agility 20 / Con 30 / Int 50 / Wis 10 / Will 10

Hiding 100
Stealth 100
Snooping 100
Stealing 100
Evocation 60
Magic Affinity 50
Manifestation 90

it's not an exciting build by any stretch, i'd just like to reminisce some of the old days running around in Fel

Thanks for the feedback, and hopefully one day we will be able to relieve those bank sitters of their burdens :)

Look forward to seeing you in game!

** Edit - Also i'm not sure if Agility increases chance of snoop/Hiding/ Stealth/Stealing, all I could find was that it increases swing speed, and since I'm not going for any weapon it may just be a useless stat and I may as well take that extra 10 and put it into Str.


  • I am unsure om the agility question.

    Because you wil be teleport spamming, and running away A LOT you will likely struggle with mana on this build. Mana pots only go so far. They also reveal you from stealth if used. I would suggest channeling for the passive mana regen while stealthed.

    Your build should resemble the gingerbread man...
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