Concerns for the Current State

I originally sent this as an email to Citadel, but got a canned response advising me it would be more useful on Discord or the Forums.

I have been playing Legends of Aria for the better part of a year now, since a few months prior to the Steam release. In that time, I've rolled and re-rolled characters, explored PVE content, mastered some crafts and grandmastered others. The draw of Legends of Aria has been the great attention to detail and the amazing manner in which the development team has managed to re-capture the feeling and spirit of Ultima Online. I played Ultima Online from 1998 well into the mid-2000s and then sporadically afterward, as recently as 2019. I played UO during in the pre-Trammel days, and I remember the tension and thrill of open-world PVP and full-looting.

The difference was shards. Ultima Online was broken into multiple servers and the PKs and PvPers spread over multiple shards. It thinned out their population, and while there were hot spots, they were rarely unable to be large enough and well-organized enough to lock other players out of content. You just went somewhere else instead.

The problem I'm seeing currently in Legends of Aria is that PKs have organized to such an extent that they are effectively commanding access to dungeons, raids, mines, and to a lesser extent, even small PVE sites such as graveyards.

I am an officer and foreman of The Hammer Forge guild and the small roleplay town of Stonehaven, respectively. The population in our guild and in the roleplay community has been seeing substantial drought. Communicating with other guilds has shown that this is happening all over, not just within the roleplay community.

Players are leaving. Players who even are interested in PVP are faced with overwhelming odds of a large PK guilds holding sites and murdering in mobs. The choice seems to be to join the red guilds, find other content (which is becoming increasingly more limited and dangerous), or simply find another game to play.

Personally, I have 3 accounts of characters, and I mostly play from the crafter role, so I'm not in any imminent danger. However, I do enjoy the community aspect of the game and have been finding less and less people to interact with.

I don't have suggestions how to fix this, but I do wonder how the populations have skewed since full PVP and looting was implemented.

Please take this to heart before the game becomes a barren wasteland like so many full PVP MMOs of the past.

Thank you bearing with my rambling.


  • RavenHarvesterRavenHarvester United States
    Hopefully it gets looked at here then.
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    ...on CS the PK domination doesn´t seem to be as bad as you describe it for EM. But the consequences are nearly the same: Empty streets, closed shops, deserted areas.

    The fact that you could be assassinated anywhere anytime drives people away. I know that there are a lot of arguments that you can do shopping now relatively safe, but nobody is keen on getting a lance into their back and being killed in 1-2 hits. Especially the Stealth-Lancers are OP imho. Maybe PvP can be fun but if you cant see it coming and have no chance to do anything it is no fun (at least for the victim). Of course I am a Carebear, but you see the results of that clearly on the streets of Celador. Empty.

    I never got it, why CS didn´t keep the old (pre-Steam) mix of Guarded/Wilderness. This offered at least the chance of a fruitful cooperation of both sides.

    Btw. No discussion about PvP pro or con or whatever. The game is clearly tailored for full loot pvp. But it suffers the old (mis-) concept of most Pvp sandboxes: a lot of prey -> fun for PKs -> prey hates that and vanishes ->PKs dominate the scene -> PKs can´t find prey any more -> PKs leave the game searching for the next game with a full loot PvP concept... rinse and repeat...

    I also have no answer on how to solve this issue. But reality shows clearly that the servers are miles away form the "living, breathing world" as advertised.


  • Living Breathing World Defined by you...

    Basically its entirely up to the players to make it a living breathing world.

    Its all smoke and mirrors until the game officially releases.
  • MichelliaMichellia Ottawa, Ontario
    Use the old turn on pvp mode, if you turn it on its on for 24hrs and you get bonus ( gold, items chance, raising stats) make some larger no pvp areas and only higher dungeon are pvp.

    I hate pvp but can live with this like uo, pvp lands and dungeons gave more rewards.
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