GM Archer what is the avantage?

im Gm Archer and im go to farm bugbear mission and i try kill and MISS 7 to 10 arrows.. WTFFFF
And consumes 8 Stamina when knock arrow in the large bow.. is a ridiculous .
bashing consumes stamina? NOT
Fencing consumes ? not
Sword consumes? of course not..
Parryng consumes ? NOT....
what consumes Stamina ARCHER?
And whats not auto shot more ? in others skills is auto attack in archer is full manualy is completely bad.


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  • Steyv_EyrwynSteyv_Eyrwyn
    I have a GM archer, each arrow deals 8 damage to crypt dragon, seems like archery skill is still very much a work in progress.
  • All the melee skills you've listed require you to be standing next to your opponent. I've been shot from offscreen by archers.
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