It seems its time to help to improve or abandon this game

Hello everyone. I have started this game because of my friend. He told me you are trying to keep spirit to Ultima Online. Overall rating is 6/10 and still i wanted to try and still playing. I like to play with slow skill progress. But when i reached 81 evocation, everything changed.
18 energy bolt, 8 earthquake, 12 meteor and i have increased evocation from 81.2 to 81.3
It is not slow progress. It is absurd. Yes since 8 days i am playing and i have barely reached 80 and it is fair enough for me. But with this rate, i don't think i will play this game much but still i will try OR i am missing important something about getting skills, so please help me

Second is horse speed. Horses should be faster because world map is great, huge but empty. Besides we are not fighting on horse, at least make them faster

Third is, i think some of spells are so weak. Meteor area of effect and damage is not good. I think it is useless.

As a sidenote let me talk about myself. Age 35, since 17 i am modding games like red alert 3, red alert 2, heroes of might and magic 4, heroes of might and magic 5, the elder scrolls v skyrim, torchlight 2, warcraft 3 (i have lost of warcraft 3 maps including orpg) and i like to create my own world with my own rules and this is why i want to help developers. This game have a great potential.

And actually you can ignore my post because still i don't know much about the game. Maybe i am missing something about the game and i don't know all elements. But today it is terribly boring for me. If you can interest, i will share my suggestions about everything but it takes time because i need to prepare proper feedback template. I know probably developers don't interest but at least i will try my best. Maybe we can attract players if we can release major update.


  • Skills earned are skills valued. UO had slow skill gain too. You can play the game with 80% skills and rely on gains while playing or just sit and watch hours of macro spellcasting.
    You can get a runebook for easier travel.
  • MelgarejoMelgarejo Argentina
    the Meteor is a poor damage , and Eartquaque is a joke..
  • Hey VolcanicMelodies,

    The skill gain definitely slows after 80. That being said, most of the content this game offers can be completed with Master skills (80.) Citadel Studios nerfed AOE damage with pr8 for a multitude of reasons. The game is still early access and changes are to be expected. I played Ultima Online until they turned the official servers off and then some on private servers. My favorite aspect of this game, which I did not find in Ultima, is the amazing community. There has been a lot of emotions lately with the big patch changes. Just know Citadel has a great vision and are working tirelessly to ensure it happens. All in all, find something you love about the game. Reaching end-game has become the norm for most games, but this is not most games. If you have questions feel free to ask and I'll help out any way I can. Also, join the discord! Players are always chatting it up.

    Best of luck,
  • Deadmau5Deadmau5 ...
    edited January 20
    I said this a while back.

    I don't have any GM skills on an official server because I have a f@@king life. Now realize how many players will risk those GM skills by pking and know pvp is dead on official servers.

    Anyone playing this game is playing 2 places the Legends of Ultima community server or Novus Redux nobody plays retail its a dumpster fire.

    PS: don't waste your time macroing on an official server they have anti macro code that will freeze your skill gains.
  • Deadmau5 said:

    nobody plays retail its a dumpster fire

    A lot of nobodys.
  • MisterGizmoMisterGizmo UnitedStates
    the skill gains where modeled to slow down at 80. which with general game play you can get it to 100. this greater then 80 skill then slowing down gains is a part of the system, but sure was modified like this because they planned on selling power hour potions, which didn't go well with the player base because they think or feel it is pay to win. so they removed the power hour potions from the cash shop. Slow gains still remain though.
  • Weren't gains slow long before power hour potions were proposed on the cash shop? I don't think it's changed since december 2018.
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