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First time poster here. As i expected, this entire forum is cluttered with mainly crafters. So major issues probably go unnoticed. I will explain 2 major problems from an end game pvp / pver that are slowly killing this game. The servers seem to become emptier day by day, because there's really nothing to do from endgame pvp / pve experience. There's been a few problems from my perspective that need to radically change.

PVPing over Bosses
Reds really don't group and do anything anymore, the only red gameplay is dungeon crawling on a stealther inside corruption now. I'm just going to assume the philosophy of reds that you have in mind, is to be this murderer who kills skillers.. fine. With this new stat loss, we completely got rid of an important part of pvp. Which is fighting over awakenings. The best time for pvp was a year ago when you could group and hit blues at an awakening. This would keeps blues on their toes and actually give them a sense of thrill while doing the boss in the WILDERNESS. Both sides enjoyed this. Poll and ask blues who actually went out and did dungeons and awakenings if they would want to bring this aspect back. (already asked around and know they do!) So a solution could be making an awakening/boss/dungeon/area militia flagg you for combat. That way you would have to fight over it. Maybe adding new awakenings or new bosses with unique loot inside of a militia flagged dungeon/area. Maybe even buffing the loot inside the 4 EMPTY dungeons and giving new loot, maybe artifact drops while making it a militia event? Maybe making the current awakenings a militia event?? or maybe twice a day for a set period of time you buff the awakenings loot but also make it a flagged event and only militia can enter? Many ways to approach this concept. Something needs to be done about this.

God bless scroll
Although it's WAAAY too late. You could have made militia talents non tradable. And/or rework how militia talents are distributed. Seriously not sure what you're going to do about this. Some thoughts on this..
- Allow any rank to buy and use godbless scrolls.
- Lose 40 Durability on death / gain godbless durability charges when killing someone who is holding a godbless item or in their inventory ? (can go over 400/400?)
- Make militia talents non tradable
- Lower godbless scroll cost
Best of both worlds solution, while attacking alt farming, and making it feel like everyone can get a godbless, and since the initial design of god bless is to show who is good at pvping.. The good pvpers will keep their god bless as intended. There should be a skill aspect to this since you have to be rank 7 initially to obtain it lol. People are NOT going out with their artifacts. Everyone is hoarding and waiting for that special god bless so they can FINALLY use it in pvp. This isn't healthy. Especially since 80-90% of the people with godbless scrolls earned it through exploit or abusive methods, and not earned legitimately. Doesn't make sense that people like that get a free powerful weapon and can keep dying over and over without any loss of their godbless. IMO remove god bless or change the durability system on god bless like above.

Few Allegiance suggestions
King of the Hill is boring and a stand around for 30 minutes wait game, For CEV to abuse late at night. WE need it to be faster, and more action packed. With a shortened timer and awarding the same salts. i'm certain more people will pvp over it.
- Shorten King of the Hill timer from 30 -> 15, and award 720 (current max talents gained from KoH) militia talents to the faction that won.
- See all flag vulnerability timers in the allegiance window
- Other factions a more vibrant color when fighting. Maybe orange? kind of hard to keep track of each faction in 10v10+ at first glance

Few General suggestions
- When casting teleport outside of max range, instead of not teleporting.. Make it teleport you max distance.
- Spell chamber pre cast shouldnt dismount you
- When wearing reduce mana cost cloths, the mana required to cast a spell should also decrease (so you can cast with less mana)
- Let us use stacked enchants in the enchanting table.. so we dont have to split our enchants 1 by 1...
- Make different areas on a region more clear, i.e there's a murder in southern rim. Make it clear to see the perimeter of southern rim ?
- Resurrection needs counter play. Maybe when you die specifically to a player! You get a 5 minute buff where IF resurrected, your items will remain on your corpse. This will balance militia pvp and open world pvp big fights. Anyone who's decent has someone sitting there with ress pre casted in large fights. Only to pick up a fallen soldier instantly fully geared and ready to fight with a pop of a potion. That's not healthy?

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