Times have changed.

First time poster, old-school UO player... and now an old dude. I’ve been debating if I want to try and lose myself, once more, into a game created in the likeness of a game that changed my life, my taste in games, and left me with VERY fond memories.

I’ve always hoped someone would update the graphics, but keep everything else. UO was my first MMO. It completely enthralled me. My first PK encounter (I was always a crafter) left my hands shaking. I survived, but it was intense, and it was awesome. Being able to lose everything absolutely made everything have more value. Reds would even role play sometimes. I remember trying to convince a PK (both of us in character) to not kill my packhorse and he could have everything else. I even had an in-game neighbor who was a red. Nice guy, and helpful.

But, now, players are different. The game industry has changed, more people game now, and trending games have changed the player’s mindset. Keeping in mind the internet and MMO were still pretty new, and just getting going in the mainstream.

Now, attitudes have changed. Battle royals are a part of nearly every game, shoehorned in, in many cases. MOBAs, death matches, kill counts, leaderboards, audio chat... a lot of things have changed the landscape. Griefers, trolls (not the regen kind!), and assholes in general are now rampant... everywhere, in every game.

It has become much more about “winning” and killing other players. Fortnite is popular for a reason, and it’s affected people’s expectations and ideas of what it means to play a game; of what people WANT TO DO in games.

PKs today are different than the days of yore. Or rather, their intent and motivation. I’d always welcome a Wild West environment, but things, people, have changed. Sadly, there’s no going back (though, that would mean dial up, if you did!)

I know things I’ve mentioned, existed long before, but not to the same degree. Things have changed.


  • Very true!

    MMO players are a new breed. Very short tension spans, and incapable of prudent thought.

    For me, some of the most fun aspects of UO, and now aria is realestate, rare item collecting, crafting, merchanting, end game dungeoning etc. A lot of players just want to gank others or PvP non stop.

    Unfortunately the "hardcore" PvP population is the loudest vocal minority, and give the illusion of being the majority. It's the silent majority that is overlooked because we don't speak up, and content is often overlooked that we want.

    Sadly, I see no fix for this because you can't force people to speak up. What inevitably happens in every game that I have played over the last 10 years is that game companies cater to the loudest group. Then the loud ones get bored, stop playing 12 hours per day, and move on to other games.

    Meanwhile the silent majority is left with a shell of a game that they wanted because we remained silent during it all.

    Best advice if you want to play is to speak up. Not just 1 time but harp about it on discord. It's what the hardcore pvpers do, and they get what they want.
  • MisterGizmoMisterGizmo UnitedStates
    I have been around for only 3 years compared to the hardcore starters and backers. Also being a community developer I got to see both sides of the game. Every update moves away from the "spiritual successor of uo" foundation of the game. This does not make it a bad game, just misleading. When every system they copy/rework from ultima online, they take only parts, and rework others. This is fine except many of the things they just do not transfer over rule set wise, item wise, systems makes for a very lack luster version of the game we all praise and love. Its just more successor, then spirit.

    Its a classic saying, "stop trying to reinvent the wheel."

    With that said, modding the game is fun though a hassle. I just hope this team realizes this before it becomes to late to turn back.
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