Question about server wipe for full game release

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I assume they won't possible be doing a full server wipe when they release the full version of this game is 2026? I am assuming such things because of the shop and merchandise they recently implemented and spending rl money on perks like character boost and spiritstones just to have it all wiped away. I believe I remember them saying sometime not long ago that they were done with server wipes and this probably goes for the full release of the game. My thinking is when this game goes live with full version they will re-introduce new servers that they removed for a 'fresh start'..


  • I think you answered your own question.
  • TeufelTeufel Celador
    There are no more server wipes. They stated that multiple times. They learned their lesson introducing a new server at Steam, they stated that as well. At launch I’d expect no new server/s unless the current get regularly maxed out with long wait times.
  • AspetraAspetra USA, Maine - Verdant Earth
    No more server wipes, and I honestly doubt you will see anymore servers being added for the cycle of this game. Unless they have a very big successful marketing push at "release" and manage to reach whatever new people remain in the niche market they occupy.
  • I anticipate no new servers. Best I hope for is a consistently high population on one server.
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