Economy Suggestions


I have been playing LOA since 2017. I also launched in December of 2018. Currently I play on Ethereal Moon server.

You guys are doing a great job with the most recent changes in PR8. I do look forward to PR9.

Your change with creating a resource "sink" through crafting orders was a phenomenal idea. The resource market couldn't be more vibrant.

However, LOA desperately needs a money "sink" similar to crafting orders to bring the value of money back into line.

Simply put, there is way to much platinum in circulation, and something needs to be done to curb inflation. Here are a few suggestions.

Also, a few suggestions not related to inflation.

1. Put ability books as a purchaseable item on an NPC vendor. 1 for reds, and 1 for blues. Make them expensive as well, possibly

Journeyman 30 plat
Master 60 plat
Grand Master 100 plat.

Replace the book drops with other things, very rare furniture crates, artifacts etc. Call them "legendary", whatever you want.

2. Add a rare housing vendor that sells things like castles or keeps that only fit max size plots. The castle being 35x35 in size. Make the cost like 1,000 plat.

Super rare items that people want should be difficult to get. This way people are dumping there plat down the game systems "sink" in order to obtain maximum plot sizes, and maximum house sizes. It also creates goals for people to work towards.

3. Please add a tool to your purchase shop that removes pesky trees, rocks, tree stumps that get in the way of expanding houses. This would be an easy money maker.

I would love to max out my 28x36 house plot to a 36x36 but there are 5 trees in my way. This would not only earn your business more cash from the shop but also encourage players to dump money down the sink to expand there plots, further curbing inflation.

Make the cost for the tool low, like $4.99, single use. You will sell thousands!

It's a win win for economy health in game, and out. Also, LOU has these tools already. So should you.

4. Make an in game option to add basements/second floors to houses. The "cellar" CO reward you get for tier 10 does nothing. Here's an idea...

The player takes the cellar to a vender. Turns In the cellar + 200p and gets a blessed "basement" deed in return. The player then takes the deed to their house, clicks on the house sign and selects "add basement". The house now gets an underground basement with 10 additional storage. Players can decorate this area. You could make this only for 10 storage container houses and up.

This is a money/item sink.

5. Add the "re-pack" house/plot option to the cash shop. The same option we had during the server merge. I would gladly pay $9.99 for this option!!! Probably several times over!

6. Bring back items from old on your shops like Baby dragons, and other animals, masks, unique mounts, race based skins like orcs, goblins, fairies, dragon folks as skins etc.

People WILL buy this stuff. Trust me! Do not underestimate peoples desire to roleplay/pretend to be an orc warlord warrior or a fairy casting wizard with fairy wings. With floating or crawling animals surrounding them like baby dragons.

Look, people are selling baby dragons on sites like the G2G website. Making money that you aren't. You guys are loosing money by not providing these things, and someone else is profiting off of your intellectual property.

7. Add a banker/stables to Belhaven, and expand the shops. Trinit needs more shops as well.

8. Grand Mage Towers only face north/south. Please make am option for East/West.

From loyal customer perspective, I hope this helps.



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