In-Game Reports

We are experiencing a higher volume of tickets than usual. As we approach a full release, we will be ramping our customer support team to handle a larger spectrum of concerns and provide more in-game interactions for everyone, but for now please keep in mind that we are a smaller team of GM's and are working on sorting through all of your reports as quickly and carefully as possible.

Your report will be reviewed, documented, and distributed to the proper team for consideration, and in most cases the solution to any bug reports will be introduced in a hotfix. However, due to the higher ticket volume we are experiencing, not all reports will be directly responded to and some in-game reports may need to be resolved via email. If our teams need more information, a GM will contact you in-game or via email.


  • ShoSindarShoSindar United States
    I was late doing the server merge. So when i did the merge yesterday at first there was no server to select an then I timed out. Now I have no characters on any server. How can I retrieve my old character. I had a Lords account.
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