Woes of a sullen lockpicker...

ErinErin Generally harmless.
During my wondrous glory days in UO, I was completely non-combative. I would sneak into dungeons, narrowly avoiding PKers and monsters alike. My prize wasn't camping the spawns for gold and trinkets. It was waddling precariously, stealthily through tumultuous and tricky dungeon mazes to reach the treasure chests.

In LoA I would love to be able to do this again. As it stands now, trying to lockpick during hiding/stealth just reveals you which (in my opinion) makes not a terrible lot of sense.

I am aware we have tmaps, sos-type maps, etc. The tmaps spawn monsters that, as far as I am aware, you must kill to be able to unlock the chest. The sos-type maps are fine, and I've been shoehorned into fishing to be able to do them. I've seen treasure chests on the maps guarded by bandits and monsters, but they cannot be picked until the mobs are dead nor can you sneak up to them and try to pick them, since they require a key.

I would love to be able to skulk into devious, unforgiving lairs and try my hand at dungeon picking again. I am really holding out that this expands, or is considered, in a similar vein as UO did.

I realize this isn't UO, but I am definitely pining for that experience in LoA.

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