Alchemical Reagents & Single-Target Riddles

About Alchemical Reagents,

For the longest time, Alchemy has been an absolute treacherous nightmare to train because of the important resources needed to do so being within dangerous areas of the game—inside dungeons within the wilderness, and how much time it takes to gather large amounts of those resources which also made this skill expensive to train.

We would have to be inside those dungeons for lengthy amounts of time to amass those resources within our inventories which puts us at risk the longer we stay inside those dungeons due to the limited variety of creatures that will drop some of these Alchemical reagents and the amount they drop. For example, Beast Blood can only be obtained from Lizardman Archers, Stone Harpies, Scaled Lizardmen, Wretches, Ork Throwers, and Wargs—Lizardman Archers, Scaled Lizardmen, and Ork Throwers being the only three creatures who will drop one to three vials of Beast Blood with a higher chance than the other creatures who drop them.

For the creatures that drop Alchemical reagents, please allow butchering them with a Hunting Knife to yield more Alchemical reagents for us to harvest and use since it makes since to be able to bleed a creature for more blood, to debone a creature for additional bones, and to cut out additional eyes from a creature—rats somehow drop three eyes, so this makes some sense to me—with a Hunting Knife.

About Single-Target Riddles,

Using the single-target Riddles have been a bit troublesome without 'Autotargeting' enabled since we do not get a targeting reticle for entity selection similarly to how single-target abilities and spells get a targeting reticle for entity selection upon pressing them. 'Autotargeting' makes it difficult for me to switch targets since I have to hit 'ESC' to clear my current target or use a single-target ability or spell with a targeting reticle to switch to a different target which also included myself when I wanted to test Poison and Riddle of Virility together.

If possible, could the single-target Riddles have a targeting reticle implemented for them, so I can disable 'Autotargeting' and continue to use the click-and-drag health bars?
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