Have the developers abandoned these forums?

There are spam posts and shit posts left on here for days. Have the developers given up? Do they not care that potential players may come here to get info, and see that no one even seems to care what goes on here? I mean, what a shitty impression. Christmas is over, so that's no excuse, if it ever was.


  • Grinch power, WEST SIEEED !
  • Hi there! I cover the forums myself for the most part, and I did take off for the holiday to spend time with my family. I popped in on Friday to clean things up a bit, although I had off through the weekend. No worries though - I'm back now and we definitely haven't abandoned you guys :)
  • Thanks, glad to hear it! I wonder how many people come here for early info on the game, you know? It can't be good for them to see spam posts building up.
  • TBH I think a lot of people look at the LOA discord.
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