Hey Jackass Devs fix shit

I know you are a 3 man team at low budget Shitadel Studios but fix shit that you guys broke over time like stun strike, blocking, brawling, archery to name a few. Also, I like how you idiots deactivated Frozen Tundra when you took over the game from Shards Online and will one day re-activate it as if its new content but ITS NOT. These devs are so bad and the coding skills is as if we are living back in 2001.


  • This post is the butt hole.
  • Lol.

    I really did.

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    Apart from the total lack of courtesy, there's truth to what he says. I have seen fixed bugs reappear after updates, new bugs arise from fixes, and bugs remain unfixed for ever.
    The first bug I ever pointed out is still unfixed - targetting mobs (specifically animals, although the other day it happened with aggressive monsters) is unpossible unless they are literally next to you. You can target monsters (make them red aura* - ready to be hit) pretty much anywhere on screen (excluding LoS issues) with a single left click. If you try to target an animal more than kicking distance away (aggressive or not) you will get a faded (blueish-white) aura which means they aren't targetted and you will not hit them if they approach. The only way to get the red* aura is to wait until they're right next to you (probabaly already attacking) and spam left click on them. This is most annoying with spiders, to which I could devote an entire page of gripes. There is a hack to overcome it (using Q ability) but with no stamina comes no hope.

    *another bug is that they don't always become red - I've recently seen mobs that should get a red aura get a bright white one instead - plus some get a mix of red and bright white where the red part interferes with the view of the health bar underneath.

    P.S. The fact that that you will NEVER autotarget an animal or monster no matter how long it stands next to you hitting you is idiotic. I know it's probably meant as a punishment for afk players (macroers), but it's hard to imagine that's how the character would behave if it was real...
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