New player guide

I played UO for years, and that is what brought me to this game, as I was told of the histroy.
But finding it difficult to figure out what the hell anything is, where it is at, and how to do whatever.

Is there a current guide on where and what to kill for gains? I have only seen posts from August, which clearly there have been several changes.
Is there a guide to dungeons and places on the map as to where to find things?
Is there something that explains all of the stats? Or what skills are needed for a bard or a tamer etc..


  • There's a wiki - some bits will be out of date due to changes, but still a decent general guide.
    What you need to do is: decide what character you want to play then build that character and... errr... play.
  • most of the wiki is obsolete or incomplete. Still too many elements that are hard to understand the differences, or if there are any significant differences
  • Like the fact that the wiki still says that Halls of Corruption is the only dungeon in which you can't be pked/murdered, which is complete bs. How can information like this not be updated?! Just what a new player the wiki, go to Corruption, get murdered and lose everything.

    Whoever is in charge of the wiki has some serious work to do!
  • You're in charge of the wiki now. Get to it!
  • DathrasDathras Auburn, WA
    Yep, I have read the wiki, was semi helpful, but not all that great. Looks like it is false in that you have to pay to have a house. Still deciding if I'm onboard for this game.
  • Well, its understandable that nobody wants to update the wiki while everything is in a state of flux. Its part of playing an Early Access game.
    If you want timely answers I'd suggest using the LoA Discord
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