i'd like to buy a vowel

played for 3 hours managed to die 5 times just leaving the safe zone. i have no clue what i am doing and the guide only covers movement. are there any good guides? i couldn't even figure out were to get cotton for the tailor quest.


  • You can pick cotton in a guarded field in Eldeir, an unguarded field outside Pyros, or anywhere in the Wilderness
  • DathrasDathras Auburn, WA
    I too have been wandering around for a couple of days trying to figure things out with very little luck. Not even sure what all of the skills do, nor the rest of the stats and other things like affinity. Is there a player guide somewhere, or is just try to figure it out, and stop playing if you reach enough frustration that you say screw it.
  • There's a wiki but the CS staffer who maintained it has gone. Honestly, the best place to ask would be on Discord.
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