The Thief

Ok , Just wondering if the thief will ever be changed, As of now....... You cannot snoop a container inside another container. So as long as someone puts their items in a pouch and its over 10 stones, they are completely THIEF PROOF. Also a Grand master Snooper informs person they snoop that they are snooping their belongings, Even tho they are hidden, it actually gives them the persons name that is snooping them too, If you stealth too close to the person it shows your character. If you go to snoop the person, they only need to move one step away to close the bag. If the person is dumb and does not have their items inside a pouch, the thief only has about .5 seconds to look thru the item list and steal what they feel is worth the 50% success rate attempt. I find it funny that there is no reveal spell or detect hidden, everyone has GM detect hidden, they just need to walk 3 tiles from the area they would have to click to reveal. The whole thing is laughable.


  • Oh yes, lots of changes coming. Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t know about the stuff in a bag thing, but it makes sense.
  • Damn that is ass.
  • irishmossirishmoss United States
    wow, i wish i would have known this before spending all my time of grinding thief skills.
    oh well. here's to hoping for more patches in the new year! :)
  • ErinErin Generally harmless.
    Can't wait for more thief or stealth / hiding stuff. Pretty barebones atm!
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