*I never saw another red player again...*


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    Also, is there no moderation here? The hell is with these “fact” posts? This is a horrible look for the game.
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    You linked us a closed post. I dont quite understand this posts point?

    If it's trying to say there are no reds, then I would say this. Yesterday I got ganked by two stealthed reds by Eldier stables. I got a way but still.

    During the Catacombs event a group of people started killing everyone else to gain control of the Cerberus, and Death kills.

    My crafter got murdered during the event as well.

    I would expect murderes to be rare in a game. Also, sharp penalties should be imposed.

    Risk vs Rewards need to be applied to reds as well. This constant crying about penalties is just weak at best.

    Playing a PK isn't for some folks. It's not easy to evade the law. It takes skill to stay alive, and reap the rewards.
  • Seen plenty of reds in game . I was PK'd last night on my fisherman . Took all my fish and my clothes . He left my fishing pole tho so I went back to fishing.
  • Seen plenty of reds in game . I was PK'd last night on my fisherman . Took all my fish and my clothes . He left my fishing pole tho so I went back to fishing.

    LOL smart PK if you think about it. He left your tool so you can collect more fish in hopes of killing you again for more fish.

    I never understood why PK's would dry loot you and your tools.
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    I don’t know what you guys are doing to draw the attention of pk’s but I wish I had your luck (or unluckiness), unless you’re just making these things up. I haven’t seen a red player since last weekend, and that was literally for a half a second before they ran away. And then before that I hadn’t seen 1 since day 1 of P8. Also, I thought the event was mostly a faction fight?

    I’m not arguing about or against risk vs reward for pks, but I would say they got it wrong. I don’t enjoy the faction warfare. If I want scripted events I’d play a MOBA or wow. I enjoyed going out to dungeons back when we had mounted combat and knowing, just knowing, someone would eventually show up for a fight. Or going to the awakening and having a huge battle ensue. Or the battles near XR’s gatekeeper. Maybe I’m just unlucky but I hardly noticed the change in ruleset. I’m good with red being difficult. I’m not good with the way it’s currently imposed on the game, no matter how much pve folk think it’s great. Also, this is coming from an anti-pk.
  • I don't know the number of people who went into cata the other night but 20 that went in Blue came out Red. As far as what I do I play the game . If I wanna farm a dungeon I do . If I wanna fish I do . If I wanna mine I do . If I see a Red sometimes we fight some times we don't . If he (/or she attacks ) we fight . I don't go looking for them . Usually they find me . But there is no shortage of Red players . There are literally guilds full . There's two that have houses near Breca Mine . Several around Eldier . Cross Roads definitely has a few . Go look in Ruin, Deception , Contempt , even Corruption most any night . Hang out at Wyverns rest or Grimms Cavern , they will likely come visit ya soon.
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    I have houses at all the sites you mentioned and as I said, have seen only 1 this past weekend and before then only on launch day. I’m not arguing they shouldn’t be difficult to play but the thing I enjoy in the game is gone because of these rules. I came back to fight reds again, or at least recapture the feeling we had when we’d go to dungeons and expect a battle. Now we go to deception/ruins/contempt and farm for hours. We’ve even sat guys in Brecca while we hit up dungeons like we used to and still - no reds. That’s unheard of from my experience. Different experiences I guess, but I think you can keep the red pop low without how ridiculous the punishments are. Part of what annoyed people about the Karma system (besides how risk-less being red was) was how easy it was to flip flop blue->orange->blue etc. Sounds like that is still a problem with the new system, too. No reason to go full red and remain that way or play that way. It’s too risky for little to gain.
  • Soap said:

    No reason to go full red and remain that way or play that way. It’s too risky for little to gain.

    The game is better off for it. There are very few reasons to go on a full out murdering spree in real life either. If you want zero consequences full loot PvP it should be against other players who want the same thing. There are tons of higher skill games that cater to that playstyle (PUBG, Apex, Rust).

    Reds / Blue PK exists to add risk *for blues* not the other way around. Your risk as a red is mitigated by the fact that you are the aggressor and thus have significantly more control on if you stick around or leave.

    The rewards for being red are big when you get a hit and small when you don't. You can kill someone and get a full hour or more worth of work farming, if you decide not to take any further risks you can macro it off when you are sleeping. You basically are net positive at that point and not only did you gain, but you made someone else lose both time and resources.

    I fully believe that as a play style it needs to exist, but that there needs to be consequences so that you cant "play it safe" without severely limiting the amount that you get to actually play the red character.
  • I only have blue characters . Personally I don't see the penalties on Reds as ridiculous they seem fair to me. Maybe I am missing something . If people want to be red that is an option . The only thing that might be unfair is the amount of in game time per murder . Instead of 24 hour in game time of not murdering I could see cutting it back to 8 hours of in game time , but if PK's are actually playing most will see a prize in those 8 hours they want to take so they will still not play off murder counts . I guess they could log on AFK in their houses , but few will do that as well imo. Anyway I think the game is good as is pretty much . Keep fixing bugs . QOL is getting better . Soap not sure what server you are on or what hours you play but there are definitely PK's active on US servers.
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    I’m not saying that reds shouldn’t be hard to play or difficult and punishable. I’m just saying the way you play them now is from a blue. You don’t play red anymore, you play this weird game of staying blue then a kill here and a kill there every other day, at least that is how I am noticing it. It’s like a daily quest in wow, you do it once then it’s on cd for the day.

    I don’t think it should be easier or anything, I just think this way has some odd/bad side effects of how being a pk is played. If you choose to pk it should be beneficial to you to want to go and stay red, just my opinion. Feels dumb you’d want to lose notoriety, like there is no trade off. Being red = 100% negative for you.
  • @Soap
    You do realize that if you take a murder count while blue, and then die you still face the same skill loss as a full red?

    There are plenty of reds out there. They are just better at picking/choosing their fights.

    Kenny Rogers wrote a song called the gambler that perfectly reflects this playstyle. Some of the chorus goes like this...

    "If you're gonna play the game, boy
    You gotta learn to play it right
    You've got to know when to hold 'em
    Know when to fold 'em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you're sittin' at the table
    There'll be time enough for countin'
    When the dealin's done
    Every gambler knows
    That the secret to survivin'
    Is knowin' what to throw away
    And knowin' what to keep
    'Cause every hand's a winner
    And every hand's a loser
    And the best that you can hope for is to die
    in your sleep"

  • Kraxis said:

    You do realize that if you take a murder count while blue, and then die you still face the same skill loss as a full red?

    Thats actually not true. There is a Statloss but it was significantly lower for blues and players with a criminal flag. (0.1 to 0.5 skill to a single skill)

    Statloss for Murderers is 2.5 to 5.0 to X number of skills. Where as X is increased 1 for every 10 kills you have up to a cap of 5. This makes the punishment for being above 5 kills up to 5 times larger than Blue PKing.

    Overall I'm still fine with these changes. I fully believe if you piss someone off enough that they will risk .1-.5 of their skills death than you probably deserved it.

    It also doesn't get rid of the classical solo Miner / Lowbie PK. You can still train up 90 of all skills character over a week or so and use it to punish people who are botting / not going back to bank their ingots periodically.

    Also nothing would stop a high end "Red Army" from existing either. So long as you had each others backs and claimed each others heads when someone died you would be nearly perfectly safe with no statloss at all.

    There is now a ton of risk but all levels of playstyle are now possible. The only exception is the solo-Red / duo-Red group that kills every person they see. The risk is simply too large for these guys. I feel like it needs to be like this too since these guys can log in and ruin virtually all other solo players experience with the game.
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    Lol, thanks for that, but like Ceryn said it’s not nearly as punishing.

    And @Ceryn
    Again, I’m all for crime and punishment but the way this system does it is too gamey. It’s too easily played and it’s too restrictive at the same time. You literally are a fool (not you or anyone here in this thread) for going full red. It’s much smarter to play as Kraxis mentioned via Kenny Rogers song. I just don’t agree with the way it’s forced them to play and I’ve even gone out to test it. It didn’t help the guy (a friend because I’d feel bad ganking randoms haha) and it flagged me for 10 mins of which I just ran around stealthed and not a single person came to the scene of the crime. So I tried it again at a more high traffic area near Grim Cavern and still nothing, and gray for 10 minutes. So I could game this up until 5 kills and then I’m pretty much screwed. It goes from too easy to screwed. I think it should always be difficult but it doesn’t feel balanced at all and wasn’t very fun either, unless the idea isn’t really to be fun and just simply a means to kill someone you don’t like/kill someone out of opportunity.
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    I feel like you should want to maintain red if you want to be a pk. You should want to be red to be feared. But if I see a red now, I see a target made of gold/platinum. But like I said, I don’t ever see reds anymore.
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    I mean that’d be cool some thieves dens and what not but they should never be protected. I just think skill loss is bad for the game. Controlling the red pop is 1 thing but this is overkill.
  • So stat loss isn't preventing reds from playing or pking. If you are seeing reds you are simply not playing. I have been Pkd 3 of the last 7 nights. Fought reds two other nights. Hit me up in discord and I can show you where they are .if you play.
  • I see them all over the place
  • Yeah tonight DOPE sent blues in to scout then stealth lanced reds in to kill after they mapped corruption. Maybe the penalties really aren't enough maybe add no portal to the penalties? No fast travel? And 10 minute door lock so they cant hide in their house until atleast 10 minutes aft
  • Sounds fun :smile:

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    Just make outlaw towns or small hidden thieves dens that all reds can use as a "protected" zone and anyone not a criminal is treated as an enemy of the town/den

    ya I always thought that Lord British was an idiot . if someone keeps killing people why would you forgive them over and over . kill a few rats and all is forgiven. why not just leave them red and give them some out posts to craft or trade. macroing off your alinment is a bad idea.
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