Why do people seek PvP?

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I saw this on another forum and I'm wondering the same thing please help me figure out why people seek PvP?
I've mainly seen in games that PvE players are the most common, then PvP players who are not interested in PvE.

maybe PVPers might seek instanced, perfectly balanced PvP to test their skill against other capable players in order to rise to the top, and that I can fully understand. But then there's the crowd who seek open world open PvP, high-risk high reward (full loot?) experience and they despise PvE cause it's easy, boring, predictable, etc.

Most PvPers (in MMORPGs) seek for the easiest prey, mainly Carebears. So what they look for is Low Risk, High Reward.

Unfortunately, From what I see is that carebears do not stick around for long as they are the ones subjected to the High Risk, Low Reward law. In my opinion, it should be the other way round but it isn’t, for some unknown reason.

In my process of reflecting on the true nature of some aspects of gaming, I have come with yet another question: is it really a matter of people or AI?

The average PvE games are usually more laid back in open content, they don't push you a lot, only raid content that becomes predictable offers some sort of challenge, etc. But if you think about it for a moment, this is not features that are intrinsically tied to a PvE game, it's just the default choice.

The issues I've had with open PvP (and I fear this is tied with most kind of deeply player-driven content) is that people are flawed, have their limits as people (can't be connected 24 / 7) and you can also count on drama, griefing, etc.

Maybe we should be more realistic and find a middle ground?

I'm asking PvP fans who actively seek open-world PvP: what if a game put as its core of an open PvE system, very little instanced content, good AI with mobs that provide challenge (not in the way big raid bosses are done to this day) dynamic events where the mobs actually seek to destroy you and conquer your territories, while you are also able to conquer their base, etc, meaningful death penalty.

Does this type of game still (which doesn't exist I think) not appeal to you?

Let me know what you think.
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