Serious Discussion about Stat max.

kleptomkleptom US
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So I have been playing around with stats and numbers trying to rack my brain out as to how Wis and Will are not going to be absolutely ignored by the majority of players.

Imagine a Fighter with :
Str 30, Agi 30, con 35, Int 10, Wis 25, Wil 20- (Stick him in Plate Armor droping your agi to 21. Yikes)
Imagine a Mage with:
Str 10, Agi 10, Con 30, Int 50, wis 25, wil 25- (Want to carry cotton? Too Bad...)

For the most part, these get you to an additional +18% resist chance to spells, stuns and dots. Are they viable builds in game play? If I just drop wis/wil and concentrate on the others wont I fair better PVE or PVP?? How do these stats compare to what you use and your in-game experience?


  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    I’ve heard of players maxing constitution and wisdom for high tank-ability but yeah not much damage out put. Martial abilities can help even out low strength for fighters but obviously you’re still hurting your AP by not putting points in strength. I’ll screw around with skills all day but trying to get gains in stats is a nightmare. But it looks like stats might be getting an overhaul sometime in the future. There’s talk and experimentation of just using strength, agility, and intelligence I think, and making will and wisdom into stats, or just removing constitution and letting strength govern HP.
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