Ideas for Paladin/Cleric Building and game play

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So I have been playing with my Paladin build (term used loosely) and enjoying the Tankiness of using the Bloodlust skills to keep and hold agro off my group. Currently though, there is no real Paladin\Dedicated healer Class and I think I have some ideas for Prestige abilities that would allow a character to be fine tuned for either a tanking Paladin or as a healer class.
I noticed while my small group was farming Dragons that our mage was playing double duty using mana and time healing me and nuking and thought that a character build path that could concentrate on healing would be beneficial and add some real dynamic mechanics to the game. The Prestige path below has two distinct paths for either a tank Paladin or Cleric.

Prestige would need the Skills Healing, Vigor, Martial Prowess, Manifestation

Journeyman @ 50 in each
Divine Aura- Increases all healing to you by 30% for 8 seconds. 1 or 2 min cooldown
Divine intervention- Increase your healing spells by 30% for 8 seconds 1 or 2 min cooldown

Master @ 80 in each
Shield Charge- Combination of Dash and Sun strike. AOE stun and requires shield. 3 sec. 45 sec cooldown
Shield Bash- Same as Skill in Fighter Prestige
Group lesser Heal- Heal group using lesser heal spell- 45 sec cool down Range whatever appropriate.

Grandmaster @ 100 in each
Group Heal- Heal Group using something a bit less than greater heal- range and cooldown whatever appropriate.
Godly Aura- Self only aura that restores Stamina(less than fighter prestige) and health. Cooldown whatever appropriate.
Divine Retribution- Same as Vanguard Fighter Prestige.

With this setup you can choose to build a Paladin that excels at Tanking with a bit of utility via Manifestation.
With this setup you can choose to build a Paladin ( or Cleric if you prefer) that excels at healing.
Frees the typical mage for more DPS, Gives the Paladin a bit of uniqueness over the standard Fighter.
With this build I can see the Paladin having less strength (Needing stats higher in Agility/Constitution), more agility (For bandaging speed and to offset the Full Plate penalty) with a higher Constitution. He will need some Intelligence for a mana pool.
Sample Tank Paladin: Strength 35, Agility 40, Constitution 35, Intelligence 20, Wis & Will 10, Divine Aura, Shield Bash, Divine Retribution. wearing Full Plate and Ruby for more HP.
With this Build I can see a Cleric having considerably less Strength (relying way less on actual melee Combat)but higher Agility and other stats to resist more stuns/an AOE damage.
Sample Cleric: Strength 11, Agility 35, Constitution 30, Intelligence 40, Wis & Will 17, Divine Intervention, Group lesser Heal and Group Heal. Wearing Chain or Scale with wis jewelry to help offset some AOE attacks.

Admittedly I think the 150 stat limit is really limiting. You can really see this when attempting to build out the Cleric. He literally would suck solo with no damage capability. I will probably do a separate post on this as Wis and Wil almost always get sacrificed to max the more mainline stats.

Feel free to add comments. This is a work in progress.
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