Return Design Focus to the Sandbox

SoapSoap Paper Street
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Because all points show the design is trending toward organized, on rails features. Everything. Leagues, factions, all the events they both entail, the pk punishment crime system, townships, resource missions... I’m not saying that stuff is bad but I hope the next focus is on expanding freedoms and what we can do and the sandbox tools we’re given to achieve those goals. Fighting 20 monsters in a dungeon or crafting x amount of items, whatever, king of the hill world of Warcraft style battlegrounds doesn’t scream sandbox to me. Anyway, I hope that’s not the direction we’re going because that would suck. I don’t want to play factions, I want to experience the world without rules and survive in it and have player interaction shape it. Pitting red/black team vs blue/white team is literally a battleground. Who wants this? Why do you want this in a sandbox? Why not just make an arena and call it quits there? Now we gotta have this strong focus on zerg-enomic factions. /sigh. Win the mmo world by making a sweet mmo sandbox. You guys can do it!


  • They filled the sandbox with concrete. Sorry
    When they killed build diversity when eliminating hybrid build viability due to profession requirements to get skill books.
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