Daily Rewards and 1.5x XP Weekend!

Greetings, adventurers!

We're excited to roll out the first iteration of our daily rewards feature, where you'll receive bonus items each day for completing a task!

We're keeping the tasks simple to start, but you can expect additional, more engaging tasks as we expand on this system. The rewards are as follows:

Day One: 5 Common Meals
Day Two: Lesser Enchanting Essences
Day Three: Basic Potion Pack
Day Four: 5 Gourmet Meals
Day Five: Enchanting Essences
Day Six: Advanced Potion Pack
Day Seven: Random Lesser Artifact

To celebrate the launch of this new system, we'll also be adding a Daily Task Reward Bonus this weekend only, where you can receive 60 gems for the in-game store on Saturday and Sunday (for a total of 120 gems for the weekend).

But wait - there's more! We will also be running a 1.5x EXP bonus starting right now and ending Sunday night! Get those skills up fast!

We have a lot of exciting additions coming to Legends of Aria, including Developer events that we'll be telling you more about shortly. Until then, see you in Celador!
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