A message to the Developers

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Hello, i want to start by saying i am a fan of Aria and i found this game by googling games like Ultima Online because i was looking for a more modern Ultima Online simular game.

I enjoy this game but there are small things that are irratating and im sure everyone has their own irratations...However when i found this game on the main website page it says Spiritual Successor of Ultima Online

Well there are many videos on Youtube also saying Ultima Online 2 and showing gameplay videos of Aria

As of right now there are probably 2000 players or more playing Ultima Online because of how the game was created ( check it out -https://uogateway.com/ ). This game was released in 1997 and its literally another part of my life considering the epic adventures i have had in it my last 15 years.

With this said i would not like to be complaining but considering this is the spiritual successor of UO and i have been a UO vertern for over 15 years i would like to say a few things that may Improve the gameplay expereince of Everyone, and there are a few things i personaly am not impressed with and its nothing to do with the developers but just my personal opinion on how things should be considering its the spiritual successor.

Firrst let me begin with the dark atmosphere of ultima online and how big the realm actually felt when you were in it,

To travel by horse back from 1 end of the map to the other would probably take about 30 mins or 1 hour depending on many things. Sailing to many secret and known islands was also a thing to do and increased the vastness of the land and ability to exlore.

In legends of Aria it probably takes about 15-20 mins to run from one side to the other and i know its early acess but this is just a fact. Plus we can not sail and im sure one day it will be added. However with this all said and considering Celador is very confined and even the land surrounded by the 2 main rivers breaks it up and makes it a very small area for this type of open world PVP/PK risk game.

This make the big problem for PVE players because there is literally no where they can travel to find an unknown or secret mine or forrest to gather in, and everything else. Plus the main mines are displayed on the Main website map so PKS can easily find these places and kill the Crafters.

UO vs Aria

UO Mines - 15-20 main city mines with about 50-60 hidden mines throughout the land

Aria mines - 15-20 mines all displayed on the main website page


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